Thursday, April 15, 2010


Had written dis article for Pictoreal but was a bit late,Not a better way to start blogging

I felt like an alien in the forest of geeks until i climbed the 3 floors of my department for the 1st time and reached a place called 301,where resided its natives in their own small,little family called the 'PICT Art Circle'.Here people from all over the country, speaking different languages came together just for one cause"Pict excel in cultural field like its technical excellence".Then for that starts the hard work,thinking,producing and presenting,managing along with excelling in their academics.

The academic year starts with the acting based Purushottam( Inter- college one act play competition)where the minds of the young engineers move with the flow of emotion,drama,music,the mindset with which they work for 2 months with immense zeal and passion .Then they find themselves in the middle of their submissions,and starts the Parallel processing where with concentrating on studies they also plan for upcoming events.Then comes the new year full of fun and frolic where the entire computer department building dances to the tunes of the songs played by the band,grace of the dancers,innovation of the events all with the base of the actors for Firodiya(inter-college multi-talent competition).

When all the work is going on smooth there are certain shocks(need not always be bad) which the students call-"RESULTS".This season had not even passed that the time comes to welcome the newcomers and their process of moulding starts with Abhivyaktee(Worshop for Freshers in all fields of art).Again this is not not even over dat submisions,exams and again the cycle repeats.These year round activities always keep these young engineers active and in the true spirit, to achieve fame for PICT.

Today when these 4 years have passed and its time to climb down those 3 floors which i always waited to rush up at 5 o clock, i realise that its getting difficult as my mind gets heavy,there is so much to take,so much we made, that it will get really difficult for me climb down.

This place has made me just go higher.


Its No you or me

No one but all

We all stand together

to make the call

One target defined

then if anyone falls

the other supports,

to stand by all

Let one be ill

or hurt in anyway

No flu could stop them

To make their name straightway

This is how we live

This is how we stay

Just to quietly/shout out loud n say

"Awaz Konacha ,Pict cha"

"Maaz Konacha ,Pict cha"